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201117 Shall we get closer? aespa TMI Great Release! (Melon)

Special | Shall we get closer? aespa TMI Great Release!

The more you know, the more attractive aespa is! We prepared a time to release the TMI for those who have been with aespa since their debut. We’ll invite you to the scene right now!

Single | aespa ‘Black Mamba’

aespa is here with their debut single ‘Black Mamba‘! I’m sure a lot of aespa fans have been waiting for today because of their strong charms from the teaser. So, aespa‘s first single! Let’s check out Black Mamba.

Black Mamba‘ is a powerful dance song with a catchy hook that sounds like a spell. The lyrics include the beginning of an adventure that unfolds when they discover that the “Black Mamba” is a threat to the world, interrupting the connection between aespa and their avatars, “ae.” You will be able to enjoy the overwhelming performance of the members on the upcoming stage!

(Left) #ae-Karina #Karina / (Right) #ae-Giselle #Giselle
(Left) #ae-Winter #Winter / (Right) #NingNing #ae-NingNing

Artist | aespa

Ma ma ma Mamba Woo oh-oh~” Listening to “Black Mamba“, you can see it’s very addictive and makes us even more curious about the members of aespa. So we’re going to introduce the members today.

카리나 (KARINA)

KARINA has excellent skills in various fields, including vocal, rap, and dance. In addition, she plans to capture the hearts of many people with her various looks, including her strong image as a leader and unexpected charm in daily life.


Giselle is solid in rap. In addition, she has fluent language skills in languages such as Korean, Japanese, English and so on! Giselle is excited to communicate with global fans.


Winter, born on January 1, 2001! Winter combined excellent vocal and dance skills. We are looking forward to seeing Winter dominate the stage. Well, please remember. November 17, 2020 at 18:00. The time to fall in love with Winter. ♥️


NingNing, the youngest member of aespa, has an excellent singing ability. Following her cool voice, our hearts extend to NingNing! The photo-genic look is also attractive. It’s a happy November to see NingNing.

Story | Shall we get closer? aespa TMI Great Release!

#1. aespa TMI Preparation Site

One day in November, the aespa members gathered in the SMT HOUSE China Room! They are working hard on something.

They are working hard on writing the TMI Daejeon.

They write their answers carefully..

They give a heart..

They decorated it with cute stickers and colored pencils.

And just like that, it is complete!

Shall we take a look at the completed TMI answer sheet?

#2. aespa Members TMI

① 카리나 (KARINA)


 윈터 (WINTER)


Did you enjoy aespa’s TMI? You who have completed the TMI Daejeon! At this moment, MY knows aespa more cutting-edgily than anyone else. ♥️

Official Teaser | aespa ‘Black Mamba

Official MV | aespa ‘Black Mamba’

Starting with their debut single ‘Black Mamba‘, they are going to take part in various activities. Please give aespa lots of love. ♥️

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**All images credit: SM entertainment / Melon**

**Black Mamba MV trailer and MV credit: SM Entertainment**