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201117 SM’s first rookie in 4 years… aespa, making a surprise debut.. “Debut song ‘Black Mamba’… Completely new storytelling.” (Hanteo News)

credit: SM Entertainment

Today (17th), SM Entertainment’s new girl group “aespa,” which has received much attention even before its debut, will make a surprise debut.

aespa is the first girl group in six years since Red Velvet and the first rookie group in four years since NCT. At the same time, aespa (Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning) has brought freshness to the public by using the “virtual world” factor, which is completely different from the previous worldviews of groups.

Lee Soo-man, the general producer of SM Entertainment, explained, “Virtual World members have artificial intelligence (AI) brains that are different from real-world members, so we will introduce a completely new concept of storytelling, such as talking to each other, becoming friends, helping each other, and traveling around the world.”

The music video’s overall story, which attracted attention with its exceptional visual beauty, is very popular among K-pop fans around the world before it is even released today.

aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” is a powerful dance song based on signature synth sound and intense bass, which delivers aespa’s unique image through a catchy hook that feels like a spell.

The lyrics contain the story of the adventure that unfolds as it interferes with the connection between aespa and aespa’s avatar “ae” and discovers that “black mamba” is a threat to the world, allowing many to accept aespa’s worldview.