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[Naver Interview] aespa, If you join the fandom now through ‘Black Mamba’, you will become their debut fan!

November 17th, 6PM

The first single by aespa

who is showing us a new world, Black Mamba,

has been released!

「 Who is aespa? 」


  is a name formed by combining ‘æ’ which represents ‘Avatar X Experience

and the English word ‘aspect’ which has the meaning of ‘two sides’.

By meeting their avatar which is another version of their own-self,

they will be able to experience a new world; this is the base of their concept.


should we meet the  aespa?


카리나 (KARINA)  

Karina who is 20 years old this year, is not only good at vocal,

but also at rap and dance, the owner of multi-talented charm! 



Giselle, who is 20 years old this year, has solid rap skills

and is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English!

윈터 (WINTER) 

Winter, who is 19 years old this year, has a combination of outstanding vocal and dance skill!

Looking forward to the performance that she will show in the future.



aespa’s maknae, Ningning, who is 18 years old this year, carries outstanding singing ability!

With her charming voice, she will captivate your heart.

「 Black Mamba 」

Black Mamba

is a powerful dance song with a catchy hook that sounds like a spell chant!

From the lyrics, we get to know that the being who disrupts the connection between aespa and their avatar ‘아이(ae)‘  and is also a threat to the world is called ‘Black Mamba’, aside from that, the lyrics also talk about the start of an adventure!

Oh! I make a dangerous joke, you’re charming but gotta deny,

It will swallow everything, Black Mamba

「 We will invite you to aespa’s world 」

Starting from the teasers until the lyrics! aespa’s world-view which evokes curiosity! We will explain about it a little bit now!

Q1. Who is ae-?


concept is about the story of how aespa members who exist in real world and their avatar ‘ae’ who exist in virtual world are able to communicate and share their feelings through SYNK.

[Photo] aespa members and ae’s enjoyable time⭐

Really curious on what kind of interesting journey will happen between them!

Then here comes another question.

Q2, are KARINA and ae-KARINA the same being?

The answer is…

No they are not the same being!



is aespa’s other self that exists in the virtual world,

who is formed with human’s data as the basis and is able to think and live in their own way.

Q3. How to meet ‘ae’?

Both aespa and ae are the

most precious existence to each other!

How did they meet? The moment of their surprising first meeting which is recorded in

MY, KARINA, let’s take a look at the conversation happening in the video!


Karina :

We have a nickname that we use  to call each other.

What was it again… BF?

ae-Karina :

MY. That’s the way we call each other.


When I received a SYNK message from ae-Karina

for the first time, I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest.

Real world member Karina received SYNK message from ae-Karina and they started communicating after.

And little by little, they become best friends, ‘MY’.

Q4. Who is ‘Navis’?

The most mysterious being in the virtual world, who is in charge of a reliable helper that supports aespa and their virtual world avatar, and is also a guide to them.

ae-Karina :

Our NAVIS informed me about my other self, Karina.

And on the day I got to know about SYNK,

I was so nervous that I could not sleep.

Karina: at the thought of meeting me?


Karina and I are connected through SYNK,

If not for the help from NAVIS

me and Karina would not be able to meet.

NAVIS. I love you~❤️

Navis who did a lovely wink!

Thanks to NAVIS who informed ae about aespa’s existence

and also the way to use SYNK, aespa and ae’s life have become completely different!

Q5. How to meet the avatar ‘ae’ in the real world?

By doing continuous communication and sharing feelings with aespa,

when ae’s SYNK level goes up, they can do REKALL in the real world!

ae-Karina :

I feel happy whenever I spend my time with Karina.

I wish the REKALL time won’t go away.

Eu-ak REKALL time is now over…!

Let’s meet again! Bbyong!.

Even though the duration for REKALL time is already specified,

all the memories of them being together are of course really precious♥

The more you know about aespa ,

the more you become curious about them!

We are curious about their thoughts on the release of their first single.

So we prepared this!

「 Interview | aespa 」




I’m aespa’s Karina!

Sometimes I’m sloppy when it comes to doing my daily life,

but I will show you the leader-like reliable side a lot!

Please love us aespa a lot♥


How did you feel when your debut was confirmed?

There is a burden but it is heart fluttering too.

And above them all,

‘Ah, I will have my own song and I will be able to stand on the stage’,

due to this thought I was happy.


Was there any pose that you practiced before the shoot?

I practiced sitting pose a lot, because I’m not good at crouching down.

In order for my body to not shake when I  crouch down, I practiced for it.

And I was wondering about whether there is a unique pose that I can try,

so I did a lot of research on that.


First MV Filming! Is there any memorable impression?

Since my first shoot was for my individual cuts,

I was really frozen,

I remembered the most about how

I missed the members at that time ㅠㅠ

Also, our song that I usually only hear on the practice room,

was flowing around the filming set;

Looking at how the staffs were humming along with it,

I felt very proud and it was amazing.


What are your future plans and dreams?

I want to become an artist

who can give happiness to someone.

Even if it is only one person,

if they can receive comfort through us,

or if I can hear words like ‘I want to be an artist like aespa’,

I think I will be really happy.


Hello, I’m aespa’s Giselle!

Sometimes I hear people say that their first impression of me

is I look arrogant and cold ㅠ_ㅠ

But I’m actually a cutie who

has a lot of aegyo and is bright!!^^

Please love me a lot♥


How did you feel when your debut was confirmed?


It felt like a dream.

At that time everything felt surreal and I

set my focus on the fact that I had to work harder.


Was there any pose that you practiced before the shoot?


Rather than pose, I practiced on how to not do anything.

I have the habit of touching my head really often.

In order to show various poses, I practiced on it,

for example when they took 50 pictures,

I’ll try to only touch my head 3 times!

But things doesn’t always work the way I want it to



First MV filming!

Is there any memorable impression?


I still remember how it felt

when I did my first individual shoot.

Though of course, the image shown together with the members is the most important,

as much as individual shoot is done with me alone,

I felt nervous and excited at the thought of wanting to show myself well.


What are your future plans and dreams?


By working hard,

if possible I want to see you all soon,

do concert, and go to meet our fans

who are living in different countries❤




I am aespa’s gyeo-ul-ie Winter!  (t/n: gyeo-ul means winter in Korean)

In the team, with my bright energy,

I’m in charge of mood maker!

I want to meet the fans soon

and send my bright energy to all of you❤


How did you feel when your debut was confirmed?


To be honest, even though I’ve always dreamed of debuting,

when I finally reached that dream, I was wondering,

is my skill good enough for me to debut now..

I’m in big trouble.. That was the first thing I could think of at that time,

and the debut news increased my desire to

practice a lot harder than before.


Was there any pose that you practiced before the shoot?


After all, since this is my first time doing this,

there are some parts that look awkward,

and I tried my best to show the most natural look that I can afford to do.


First MV filming!

Is there any memorable impression?


To be honest,

since this is the first MV,

I only then knew that each scene requires help

from so many staff members and it was difficult to make.

I’m still lacking a lot,

I was so thankful at how so many staff members were helping me.

It made me look forward to future activities!


What are your future plans and dreams?


I want to be able to often meet and communicate

with the fans from all over the world!

And I wish to be able to show

our cool performance a lot!♥



I’m aespa’s maknae

who loves to sing, Ningning♥


How did you feel when your debut was confirmed?


At the thought that I will finally

be able to show the hard work

that I’ve been doing until now,

I was so proud and excited!

And I want to prepare a lot harder

so I can show a lot of people

a much better performance!


Was there any pose that you practiced before the shoot?


Since I have always loved to have my pictures taken,

instead of practicing on the poses that I need to do,

I prepared on how to move my body naturally during the filming.


First MV filming! Is there any memorable impression?


We did the filming on a set with a really uneven floor.

So it was a bit hard to do the choreography,

but thanks to our members who were supporting and cheering at each other,

my heart became really warm.

And our members who worked hard until the very end, were really cool!


What are your future plan and dream?


I want to show the best side of aespa to a lot of people.

And my dream is, I wish you all can like us a lot and support us.

Dugeun Dugeun (heart pounding)

Did you have fun reading the exciting aespa’s interview?

It was a precious time for everyone to be in SYNC with the members!

Please show lots of love to aespa

who will show unique performance and give a lot of happiness to everyone,

and to their first start, Black Mamba!

Please love them a lot ♥


Translation credit : @aeseupas
Article formatter : Rin @aespasubs