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01. Who

Who is aespa?

aespa spicy
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aespa is a 4-member Kpop girl group managed by SM Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea.

The members are Karina, Winter, Giselle and NingNing.
They have been featured at Coachella, the Cannes Film Festival as representatives of the luxury jewelry brand Chopard, and the NYC Governor’s Ball, among other events.

02. Watch

aespa “Spicy” MV

aespa “Girls” MV

aespa “Hold on Tight” MV

aespa has released numerous songs and MV’s. Their latest release is “Spicy” and “Girls”, and “Hold on Tight” for the Apple TV movie Tetris.

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“MY WORLD” Out Now!

aespa’s new album “My World” is out now for purchase through Ktown 4 U and various other retail sites and in stores.